Is this the End ?

A Dance Theatre performance inspired by a poem by Sri Aurobindo. 

Two young people, man, and woman in love face a world in crisis and in deep transition. They carry on their shoulders and in their bodies, the memory of a world which seems to be extinct and especially the memory of a suffering Nature. In this stifling, dying world, where everything seems small, cramped, confined, they are, like the planet, in the urgency of a new deep breath. Is this the end or a new beginning? Will they finally find their right places in this Nature, as a part of it?

 ( Indian dancer Gopal Dalami who was excellent in the Previous show Vast)  ,

( Huong Pham wonderful dancer from Vietnam) ,

Thierry Moucazambo ( Well know artist French with Indian origin).

Zan  David (Musician & composer) 


Written, directed, and choreographed by

Philippe Pelen Baldini 

Coproduction:  Alliance française Pondicherry.

Surya Performance lab. Auroville. India

Meet The Team

Philippe Pelen Baldini

Direction and choreography

Thierry Moucazambo


Houng Pham


Zan David

Musician , Composer & Sound Engineer

Gopal Dalami


Is this the end?

​Is this the end of all that we have been,
And all we did or dreamed,
A name unremembered and a form undone,

Is this the end?
A body rotting under a slab of stone
Or turned to ash in fire,
A mind dissolved, lost its forgotten thoughts,

Is this the end?
Our little hours that were and are no more,
Our passions once so high
Being mocked by the still earth and calm sunshine,
Is this the end?

by Sri Aurobindo


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