• How the human body carries in itself the memory of the VAST.

  • How the human body - beyond ruptures, oppression and confinements - has the nostalgia of Nature and Vastness


  • This is the story of a young boy from Nepal who has been snatched from his family and home in the Himalaya Mountains. Kidnapped and abused, he now lives in a slum in a big city in India

  • He is all alone in the world, stifling in his small room. Beyond confinement and misery, he tries, day after day, to find in his body a door that opens to the Vast, a path to his Himalayas, Nature, and his own unlimited nature

  • An encounter with a strange character will help him on his journey. This is the god Hanuman, with the monkey and human features, who is heroic, wise, and full of humour.

Staging Notes

Two performers: both actors and contemporary dancers.

In a confined space, denoting a small room in a slum, these two characters feel in their bodies the vital need of the Vast.

For the young boy whose childhood and dreams were broken, the journey from confinement to freedom is a process of reconnection with nature and with himself without any limitation. In this journey, he is helped by Hanuman. Together they reconnect with the Vastness where they both come from.

Hanuman is introduced here as a special character: he is the symbol of primordial memory. This important character in India is also universal and exists with different names in China, Africa, Indonesia, and elsewhere.

VAST proposes work on the memory of the body. To reactivate this memory, we use new technologies for sound and work with different sound frequencies. We are also exploring the relationship between the body and mother tongue and between the body and ancient mantric poetry.


"In the Himalayas, everything becomes frequencies, everything becomes sounds and dance." -- Indian poet


We draw upon contemporary dance, theatre, vocal work, and even aerial dance to explore this inner territory between confinement and Vastness. From gravity to weightlessness, it is also an exploration of the body being free, of free movements in three dimensions, and of an expansion into Vastness.

Beyond all ruptures and exiles, it is a process of reconnection with the Himalaya in a metaphorical sense. 


VAST is an organic dance theatre performance: hypnotic, physical, universal.

It can be performed in English and French.

Duration of the show: 1 hour


— ​Manish Kumar, PhD Scholar Department of Performing Arts, Pondicherry University

​“Vast, a performance of vastness of nature and primordial memory."

Meet The Team

Philippe Pelen Baldini

Direction and choreography

Thierry Moucazambo


Gopal Dalami


Ashwin Ezhumalai


Varun and Nadia

Musical composition

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