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I want life


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I want Life

"Let the wind blow on us from every direction, let the sun shine on us, let the rivers flow. Let us dance with freedom, like birds in the sky, let our hearts be filled with joy, like flowers in bloom."

--- Rigveda ---


Our  Story

Get to Know Us

Jaya is a young Indian living in a poor neighborhood of a megalopolis. He is a dancer but faces a lot of resistance from his parents for him to be an artist.

He wants to break free from the polluted, noisy, chaotic megacity and from this feeling of confinement. Beyond all pressures from family, society, and their expectations, he is looking for his truth, identity, and freedom.

He meets an old shaman, enchanter, a poet, who helps him reconnect with the primordial forces of Nature lying in him. With the help of the old man, Jaya will explore unknown territories and vastness.

Jaya is a transformational journey of a young man, from the streets to his own kingdom.


Jaya is a transformational journey of a young man, from the streets to his own kingdom

“Now, I don't beg for time, I don't beg for freedom,

I don't beg for space.
I take my space, I draw my own path, I take my freedom.
I am the dancer; I am the movement, the freedom.”


Artistic note

A Dance Theatre performance
Duration: 1 hour, for all audiences

It is a universal story and a show that
‘’challenges all the borders and the status
quo’’ as Dr Jayanti Ravi said.
This show offers a new creative form
inspired by the origin and fully
The creative process combines the oldest
Indian martial art in the world,
Kalaripayattu, with hip-hop dance,
contemporary dance, theatre and live

To accompany Jaya's journey in
different states of consciousness and in
different territories, we use sounds and
frequencies, and specific movements.
Jaya is a physical, visual, universal
performance with a short text in
English and few words in Tamil (it can
be translated in French if needed). It is a
unique and innovative piece of theatre,
accessible to everyone thanks to body


Conception, choreography, and direction: Philippe Pelen
Co-creator dramaturgy, performer: Thierry Moucazambo
Co-creator choreography, performer: Chandramohan
Lighting design: Dr. L. Binu Kumar 
Photography, video: Piero Cefaloni

Artistic advisor: Barbara Pashinger

Communication assistant: Giri Thirumal

Props and set assistants: Ravi Kumar, Monica,
Guna Gunasekaran

Tour manager: Nikhil Bollapragada


Planning and some informationMe.

Planning and some information


Preview at the Auroville literature festival on
the 25th of August. World Premiere: 15th & 16th of September
2023 in Sri Aurobindo Auditorium,

Bharat Nivas, Auroville.

On tour


4 people: 2 performers, 1 technician (sound and light),
1 director/choreographer.

  • National tour in India in different

    festivals, Venues & universities.

  • International tour

Surya Performance Lab.Auroville. In partnership with SAIIER, Cripa, Auroville Art Service, Bharat Nivas
Alliance française de Pondichéry.

From September 2023 and in 2024, 2025:

Special thanks to Cripa for the great
support and welcome.Thank you to our sponsor Andrea Eberle,
Thank you to the Tibetan pavilion and Svaram.

About us

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Surya Performance Lab, based in Tamil Nadu near Pondicherry, offers research workshops, and training courses, and creates shows and tours in India and abroad. In India, the company collaborates with Auroville, the University of Pondicherry-Performing art Dpt, Kalarigram, Auro University in Surat, the National School of Drama in Delhi, and Baroda University.

The company has performed in Auroville and at the International Bharat Rang Mahotsav Festival in Delhi, the National Festival in Odissa, Baroda University, Auro University in Surat, the Tantrostav Festival in Tamil Nadu, and the Alliances Françaises in Pondicherry, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Trivandrum. Trivandrum.


The company also tours abroad: Nepal, France (Lorient Festival), and South Africa (State Theatre, Kucheza Festival).


The company is directed by Philippe Pelen and Thierry Moucazambo who previously founded the Théâtre Talipot Company in La Reunion, France. With Théâtre Talipot Philippe and Thierry have toured their creations in 83 countries in prestigious venues and festivals such as Théâtre de la Ville de Paris, Opéra de Paris, Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris Unesco and Edinburgh Festival (Scotland), Grahamstown Festival (South Africa); Hong Kong (French May), National Festival Brazil, Spoletto Festival (Italy), etc. They have also performed in places of great urgency (countries at war) in the most disadvantaged townships, in prisons, and in hospitals. Their creations have won numerous awards. They have also directed many workshops for large international dance/theatre companies and in universities. Supported by UNESCO, Philippe, and Thierry also created and founded the Festival d'Art Métis in La Réunion, Indian Ocean.

Meet The Team

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Binu Kumar

L I G H T - D E S I G N E R

Versatile artist Dr. L. Binu Kumar is holding
advanced degrees in Drama & Theatre Arts,
including a Ph.D., he excels in various
aspects of performing arts - lighting, set
design, directing, and acting. He's active in
global workshops, festivals, and teaching
theater. Dr. Kumar is currently a guest faculty
at Pondicherry University.



D A N C E R - P E R F O R M E R

Born in Pondicherry, India.
Chandramohan is a versatile artist skilled in
dance, choreography, martial arts, acting, and
teaching. Trained in hip hop and contemporary
dance, he has choreographed for various
institutions in India. He has also excelled in
kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art, training
under Laksham Gurukkal and teaching at
Kalarigram. He received acting and dance
theatre instruction from Pelen Philippe and
Thierry Moucazambo. His artistry thrives on the
fusion of nature and movement.


Thank you to Mrityunjay “Jay” Sathyanarayanan, For his full support and for creating the music:  Jaya Transformation

Other tracks credit to: -Michael Drake : “The snake dance”-Gustav Lundgren: « Mandole dream »-Radek Zitka: “Udu drum”


Director Message

We have created 62 shows, toured 83 countries, performed at the biggest festivals and the most famous venues in the world. Honestly, I can say that Jaya I want life, our new creation, is one of our best shows! Powerful, emotional, full of tenderness, love and humour. With a universal story. Performed by 2 excellent, brilliant actors, dancers, musicians



"Thank you so much for your excellent performance. It is still reverberating inside me in its universal and intense quest to find true self, true freedom and true being beyond all normative constrictions. Deeply touched, deeply thankful”.



Past Productions

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All our Past Creations





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Surya Performance Lab

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